Drilling bridges/flyovers for Cathodic systems

Contact us 01635 200090 for any contracts requiring deep drilling of crossheads on bridges & flyovers that require you to install Cathodic systems—which prevent corrosion of structural reinforcement.

Our success and experience is proven; we drilled up to 18m within strict tolerances on Highways Agency contracts on the Chiswick Flyover, London and 16.4m on the M60 Palatine Bridge, Manchester. Read more below;

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UK Drillers has been established since 1991 and we have undertaken many drilling contracts that require holes at depths of up to 18 metres deep with accuracy so that the hole exits within the tolerances required to avoid damage to vital structural reinforcement bars.

This typically has been achieved in the drilling of bridge and flyover structures for Cathodic systems to be installed to prevent corrosion to reinforcement.

We have designed our equipment to ensure accuracy and we have achieved 1.23mm per metre drilled laterally and typically 3.7mm horizontally.  Normally the hole will arc downwards due to gravity.

These tolerances have been celebrated as a success as they are well within the tolerances that we have been asked to work to.

We have documented evidence of accuracy for M4 Chiswick flyover crossheads 18m deep  in 2010 and M60 Palatine Bridge 16.4m deep in 2019 with satisfaction from the Highways Agency.

We would be pleased to discuss any projects that you may have and give you the confidence that you require.

To our knowledge we are the only drilling contractor equipped to offer this.

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