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We are on the move

We are in the process of moving our trading address.

Formerly 4 Shepherds Rise, Compton, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 6RA.

All customers and suppliers will be informed in writing.  In the meantime we have a postal divert operating. […]

UK Drillers : New Website is Under Construction!

Welcome to UK Drillers website.  Please bear with us for a few days from 6th December 2014

Our brand new website is being constructed! PPE Advised […]

2014 how was it for you?

After a tough few years in the construction industry, it seems the recession has been dragging on forever.  Whilst it is officially supposed to be over, the construction industry seems to be catching up slowly to this ‘fact’.

Lets think positive for 2015 and look forward to the cogs of construction being ‘oiled’ and business booms for all our customers and […]

Diamonds are a drillers best friend

Diamond tipped drill bits and blades.  Do we ever stop to consider how these consumables are precision engineered?

We certainly do at UK Drillers.  We have our favoured suppliers, the bits and blades are monitored for performance and longevity.  The difference between a great and poor bit or blade has a real impact on performance and of course profit, that’s why […]